Take away menu



23. 11. – 27. 11.  2020


Weekly offer
Beluga lentils, scrambled eggs, carrot puree, dried onions, sour vegetables CZK 158
Svickova Sauce, beef meat, Karlsbad dumplings, cranberries CZK 199
Backed duck leg, roasted cabbage, sourdough dumplings, wine sauce CZK 209
Cheeseburger, beef chuck roll, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, red onion, tomato, mayonnaise CZK 169
– French fries 65,-
– ketchup/mayonnaise 30,-
Lentill soup with saussage  CZK 35
Pork meat, red bell sauce, pasta CZK 128
Fried Eidam cheese 45%, boiled potatoes, gherkin mayonaise CZK 128
Baked chicken thigh, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes CZK 128
Potatoe soup CZK 35
Beef meat, tomato sauce, pasta CZK 128
Smoked meat, pea puree, gherkin, onions CZK 126
Meatloaf in bunn, mustard mayonaise, onion salad CZK 126
Beef broth CZK 35
Pork meat, white cabbage, dumplings CZK 128
Chicken steak, mashrooms risoto CZK 128
Penne, tomatoes, bacon,  basil, chilli, garlic, Granna Padano CZK 126
Cabbage soup with saussage CZK 35
Fried burger, potatoe puree, gherkin CZK  128
Segedin goulashj, dumpling CZK 128
Baked pasta with smoked meat, beetroot, gherkin CZK 126
Garlic soup with smoked meat CZK 35
Fried pork schnitzel, potatoe salad,  lemon CZK 130
Smoked meat, spinach, potatoes dumpling CZK 128
Baked wine sausage, potatoe puree, gherkin, onions CZK 128