Lunch menu

1. – 5. 6.  2020


Potato soup CZK 35
Baked chicken leg, bun stuffing, mashed potatoes CZK 130
Bun with apples and cottage cheese CZK 120
Beef strips Stroganoff, rice CZK 135
Chicken broth with vegetables and vegetables CZK 35
Poke bowl with chicken and rice CZK 125
Fried mushrooms, boiled potatoes, cucumber mayonnaise CZK 125
Pork shoulder in a rustic way, sourdough dumplings, stewed white cabbage CZK 130
Tomato soup with basil and sour cream CZK 35
Ripe fried eidam in a bun, lettuce, cucumber mayonnaise CZK  135
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cucumber, onions CZK 125
Sour lentils, sausage, eggs, cucumber, onion CZK 120
White bean soup CZK 35
Stuffed pepper pod, tomato sauce, rice CZK  130
Grilled pork neck, baked potatoes, garlic dressing, mushroom ragout CZK 135
Pasta, tomatoes, olives, garlic, basil, Grana Padano CZK 120
Minestrone soup CZK 35
Fried chicken schnitzel , mashed potatoes, cucumber, lemon CZK 130
Segedin pork goulash, sourdough dumpling CZK 135
Grilled camembert, lettuce, herb baguette CZK 125


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