Lunch menu

3. 8. – 7. 8.  2020


Lentil soup CZK 39
Fried pork schnitzel, potato salad, lemon CZK 130
Beef meat, tomato sauce, rice CZK 130
Grilled pork neck, beens with bacon CZK 132
Mashrooms soup CZK 39
Hungarian style Goulash, dumpling CZK 132
Grilled chicken scewer, mashed potatoes CZK 132
Baked potatoes with smoked meat, beetroot, gherkin CZK 128
Cauliflower soup CZK 39
Dill creamy soup, boiled potatoes, egg CZK  128
Smažený karbanátek, bramborová kaše, okurka CZK 130
Caesar salad with chicken and bacon, Granna Padano CZK 132
Kulajda soup with egg CZK 39
Pork meat with mashrooms sauce, rice CZK  130
Chicken red curry, jasmine rice CZK 132
Gratin Goat cheese, salad mix, cranberries CZK 130
Beef broth with vegetable CZK 39
Pork meat, dumplings, cabbage CZK 130
Brocolli risoto, Granna Padano CZK 130
Fried Hermelin cheese, boiled potatoes, cucumber mayonoaise CZK 130


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