Lunch menu

Take away menu

26. 10. – 30. 10.  2020


Weekly offer
Beluga lentils, scrambled eggs, carrot puree, dried onions, sour vegetables CZK 158
Spicy beef neck goulash, sourdough dumplings CZK 152
Backed duck leg, roasted cabbage, sourdough dumplings, wine sauce CZK 199
Cheeseburger, beef chuck roll, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, red onion, tomato, mayonnaise CZK 159
– French fries 45,-
– ketchup/mayonnaise 30,-
Frankfourth soup with sausages  CZK 28
Pork steak, mashed potatoes, pepper sauce CZK 128
Chicken thigh with red bell sauce, tarhona CZK 126
Chicken yellow curry, jasmine rice CZK 128
Chicken broth with meat, vegetable and noodles CZK 28
Beef meat, horseradish sauce, dumplings CZK 128
Beef ragout lasagne CZK 130
Gnocchi with chicken meat CZK 128
Wednesday – Holiday
Cabage soup with sausages CZK 28
Chicken risoto with cheese, gherkin CZK  120
Beef meat,,Znojmo Style”, jasmine rice CZK 128
Chicken steak, cheese sauce, grenaille CZK 128
Goulash soup CZK 28
Fried chicken schnitzel, potato puree, gherkin, lemon CZK 126
Beef meat stuffed with saussage, mustard, gherkin, Jasmine rice CZK 132
Baked pasta with smoked meat, beetroot, gherkin CZK 120



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