Roasted garlic cream soup, marjoram oil, bacon CZK 63
Soup of the day CZK 63


Pork crackling spread, mustard, spring onions, bread       CZK 89
Steak tartare Jack Daniels, onions, gherkin, dried egg yolk, toast 80 g/CZK 180
160 g/CZK 350
Marinated Camembert-style cheese, bread CZK 98
Brawn, mustard dressing, onions, bred       CZK 89
Marinated Romadur cheese, bread CZK 98
Roast beef, toast, onion salad, mayonnaise CZK 149
Hot dog, bun, veal sausage, mustard mayonnaise, caramelized onions, gherkin, ketchup, bacon CZK 115


Black Beluga lentils, mixed lettuce, 63-degree egg, pickled vegetables     CZK 189
Roast beef, mixes lettuce, horseradish, mustard dressing, radish, onions CZK 208


Duck leg confit, roasted cabbage, leavened dumplings, wine sauce CZK 312
Spicy beef neck goulash, fresh and fried onions, leavened dumplings CZK 209
Spicy chicken wings, crudités, blue cheese sauce 10 pcs/CZK 224
Beef burger, beef chuck roll, Cheddar, jalapeños, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce, dried onions, jalapeño mayonnaise CZK 219
Cheeseburger, beef chuck roll, bacon, Cheddar, lettuce, red onions, tomato, mayonnaise CZK 219


Steaks from our own curing chamber/Beef steaks/Pork steak/Chicken steak
– current steak menu available on notice boards inside the restaurant


Home-style French fries CZK 65
Home-style French fries grilled with Cheddar & jalapeños CZK 95
Grilled vegetables CZK 65
Roasted grenaille potatoes CZK 65
Grilled herb baguette CZK 75


Demi-glace CZK 50
Green pepper sauce CZK 50
Mushroom sauce CZK 50
Home-style mayonnaise CZK 30
Home-style ketchup CZK 30


Cognac cone – dark chocolate with eggnog       CZK 68
Tiramisu ice lolly       CZK 68
Raspberry ice lolly with mii strawberry meringues   CZK 68


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